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Rapunzel and the Baby Snatcher!

One upon a time there was a beautiful girl named Rapunzel.  She had been locked in a tower by a witch and longed for the day that her saviour would rescue her so she could marry Prince Charming.

While Rapunzel was brushing her hair she heard a high-pitched voice coming from outside.  Rapunzel walked over to her window to see who it was.
“Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!” said the little voice.  Rapunzel realised that it must be her saviour.
“Oh, my knight.  I have been waiting for y…  you’re my Knight?” said Rapunzel.
“Rapunzel,” said the little man. “My name is Rumple-stilt-skin!  And I have come to rescue you!”
“Really?” asked Rapunzel.  “You?”
“Yes…” answered Rumple-stilt-skin.
“Oh, well, chop – chop, rescue me!” demanded Rapunzel.
“All in good time my dear”
“Oh stop stalling you rude little man!” exclaimed Rapunzel.
“Okay.  Only if you give me your first born child!” demanded Rumple-stilt-skin.
“ Never!” shouted Rapunzel!
“Fine, stay here..” Said Rumple-stilt-skin as he started to walk away.
“Fine. But rescue me NOW! ” Shouted Rapunzel.
“Very Well” agreed Rumple-stilt-skin as he started to awkwardly climb up he girls’ hair to rescue her.

Rumple-stilt-skin later heard that Rapunzel and Prince Charming had had a baby.  When he heard this he rushed to their palace to claim his reward. Rumple-stilt-skin arrived at the palace and knocked on the door.
“Hello?” said prince charming answering the door.
“I’m looking for Rapunzel.” Said Rumple-stilt-skin.
“I’ll get her for you, Snuggle-ums, there’s someone at the door!”  Shouted charming.
“Coming Crumpet!” Rapunzel Shouted back.

The two waited for Rapunzel in an awkward silence.
“So,” continued the prince. “Are you like a tax collector?”
“You could say that.” Replied Rumple-stilt-skin.
When Rapunzel arrived at the door she held her child in one arm and a dog in the other.  When she saw that it was Rumple-stilt-skin she gulped.
“Oh…” said Rapunzel, nervously.
“I’ll take my prize now” demanded Rumple-stilt-skin.
“What prize Rapunzel?” asked Charming.
“She didn’t tell you?” laughed Rumple-stilt-skin.
“I’m sorry sir, you cannot take my child.” said Rapunzel.
“Fine, I’ll settle for the dog.” Bargained Rumple-stilt-skin.
“No, I love my Foofy!” exclaimed Rapunzel.
“Well I’m not leaving until I get a reward!”

Rapunzel thought.
“I’ve got a fish”
“What type?” asked Rumple-stilt-skin.
“I think it’s a gold fish,”
“Does it talk?” asked Rumple-stilt-skin.
“It makes bubbles”
“Look, if I don’t get a substantial prize, you’ll pay!” Warned Rumple-stilt-skin.
“Fine, Leave!” exclaimed Charming.
“I’ll be back!” shouted Rumple-stilt-skin as he stormed away plotting his revenge.

Rumple-stilt-skin was furious and went to The Pied Piper’s hut.
When Rumple-stilt-skin arrived there he wandered inside to find piper with his pipe.
“I have a favour to ask” Said Rumple-stilt-skin a he entered.
“What is it?”
“You remember the time I bailed you out of gaol?” asked Rumple-stilt-skin.
“Yes, a little too well.” Replied Piper. “But it wasn’t my fault those kids went missing.” Defended Piper.
“Oh loose the act Piper!” interrupted Rumple-stilt-skin. “We both know that you did that to get back at the mayor!”
“Yeah it was pretty funny!” admitted Piper.
“So you remember that I had to bail you out of gaol?” repeated Rumple-stilt-skin.
“Yes.” Sighed Piper.
“Well Rapunzel won’t give me her child and…”
“You want me to lead her child away along with the rest of them to really teach her a lesson?” finished Piper.
“Yes…” confirmed Rumple-stilt-skin.
“Last time I got thrown in gaol.” Said Piper.
“Fine, I’ll give you half.” Bargained Rumple-stilt-skin.
“Okay, but the good ones.” Demanded Piper.
“Fine.” Agreed Rumple-stilt-skin. “Don’t fail me.”

The next morning Rumple-stilt-skin was feeling proud and went to Rapunzel’s to make sure his plan had worked.  He knocked on the door.  Charming answered.
“Ugh, not you again.” He said as he answered the door.
“Living up to your name I see” taunted Rumple-stilt-skin.
“Bite me Stilt-skin” rebelled Charming.
“Hey, I just wanted to see the child I never had.”
“Never, I wont allow it!” Refused Charming.
“Why not, lost her?” Cheerfully said Rumple-stilt-skin
“The only thing that’s missing is foofy.” said Charming.
“Foofy?” asked Rumple-stilt-skin.
“Her dog.” Replied Charming.

Rumple-stilt-skin was stunned with rage and stormed away, towards the pied piper’s hut…Again.

“Piper!” Screamed Rumple-stilt-skin.
“You know who it is you cheating scum-bag!” insulted Rumple-stilt-skin.
“What’s up?” asked Piper.
“I’ll tell you, her dog is gone. Not the kid!” exclaimed Rumple-stilt-skin as he reached for a letter opener.
“Hey, You don’t wanna do this!” said Piper nervously, backing away slowly.
“You failed me Piper, no one ever fails Rumple-stilt-skin!” he shouted as he jabbed the dagger into Piper’s chest.  Piper let out a blood-curdling scream as the knife edged towards him.
Rumple-stilt-skin stood standing over the life less body, blood soaked and wide eyed.  
He stood there for several minutes before running into the distance.

The next week, Rumple-stilt-skin was brought to justice.  Locked away forever.

Piper was sentenced 3 months gaol for dog napping and had his pipe suspended for 1 1/2 years.

And Prince Charming and Rapunzel lived in harmony with their baby girl who they later named Piper.  And they all lived happily ever after!

I wrote this for school. This is a fractured fairy tale. A mix of Rapunzel, The Pied Piper and Rumple-stilts-skin.


(The reason it has a warning is because someone gets killed)
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